Monday, October 10, 2005

Pierside Kitchen & Bar

Oven Roasted Miso Cod

One of the signature dishes at Pierside (One Fullerton #01-01, 6438-0400) is the Oven Roasted Miso Cod, which someone recommended to me a good number of years back. Admittedly, I was never blown away with it due to its mild sweetness, but yet I occasionally get cravings for that exact same sweet caked-on miso taste from time to time. My own biases against sweetness aside, it is really is melt-in-your-mouth tender though. I heard that it gets marinated in miso for 48 hours. Today's accompanying potatoes were particularly well done with a crunchy exterior but soft insides and a mild pinch of salt to taste.

I've never actually had anything else on the menu at Pierside - I just keep coming here for this. It's strange that I get cravings for something that I was never really that dumbstruck with. There must be some secret ingredient in that miso.

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