Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant

From left: Shironegi Butamaki, Shiitake, Negima

Damn, that was pretty f*ckin' good. I had heard a number mentions of this place recently, and I finally made my way down here tonight to check out what all the fuss was about (Cuppage Plaza #04-05, 6734-2492). Only when I got there did I realize that I had noticed this place a while back and had made a mental note to myself to come back at that time. I obviously forgot about it, and it wasn't until now that I made the connection that this was the Kazu that everyone was talking about.


Jidori TatakiAnyway, I'm so glad that I came here. This was one of the most satisfying meals that I've had in a while. I of course went off on my usual yakitori classics like negima, kawa, shiitake, and nasu, all of which were just as good - if not better - than Kushigin. I also got a wagyu tataki, which featured raw garlic sliced as thinly as they did in Goodfellas. Most importantly though, I was able to score basashi, or raw horse meat, as well as jidori tataki, or seared wild chicken. (I didn't think that I could get that stuff outside of Japan). Everything else to close the meal, like yaki onigiri and ume ochazuke all went down smoothly too. I really had no complaints; well, maybe I prefer my gyu tan to be sliced more thinly, but this was still decent.

Wagyu TatakiI walked out of here with a big smile on my face. (This place was jam-packed tonight too - on a Tuesday night, no less!) I'm definitely returning...and Nanbantei is now slipping further and further back into my mind.


Anonymous said...


I've spent the entire morning reading through so many of your articles. I'm also an expact living in Singapore (from Australia, actually), and would like to take my significant other out to a Japanese restaurant tomorrow night. I need to make a reservation today if possible.

I'm tossing up between Kuishin-Bo, Hinode and Akira.

Frankly speaking, I have budgeted roughly around 80 bucks. It'd be good to know how much you spent at Kazu, and if you'd recommend it for a nice evening out for a date.

- Simon (kyobiz@gmail.com)
(hopefully I check back in time, if not, could you be so kind as to pop a quick e-mail saying you've replied or... no worries, I'll just bookmark this page)

bma said...

I've never heard of those other places. Where are they?

S$80 at Kazu for two is do-able, but it is easy to go over if you are not careful. It's a nice place, but it's also very Japanese, so don't expect linens, candlelight, and soft music for a romantic meal at a restaurant. Expect to sit at small tables closely packed next to some Japanese businessmen chatting away over beer. Whether you'd consider that a suitable date place or not depends on your company, but it's definitely not McDonald's either, especially at those prices.

vanessa said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog, and I think it is great!!

Btw I totally agree that kazu is good, so good that I actually tried making a couple of their skewers myself. If you are curious, here the link.

bookmarking ya :)