Friday, November 11, 2005

"French food" at Delifrance (ha ha)

Potato Gratin Set with Cream of Corn Soup and a tart

I still remember my first few days in Singapore, when my housing agent once told me that my apartment was in a very convenient location as I could get French food anytime. He then pointed to Delifrance, whereupon I nearly laughed my head off (hey, their marketing material does describe themselves as "French fast casual all-day dining," and they do serve croissants...ha ha).

And yet as much as I like to bag upon this nearly ubiquitous chain in Singapore, I have to admit that I do come here a couple times a year. Now, that's mainly in an extreme situation when I'm too busy with work and can barely spare enough time for a very quick bite, but it's also because I have found a couple things that are half-bearable. One of these is the potato gratin (of course I'm a sucker for potatoes and cheese). It's baked surprisingly well on the outside but still with a warm and hearty center. The fake baco-bit toppings are kinda funny too, but I guess I have long since set my expectations really low at this place. I'm not exactly expecting gourmet cuisine and escargot here.

Anyway, I'm embarrassed enough, so I'll just leave it at that. Hey - this just may be the one little bit of "French" food that I can bear.

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Tym said...

I can't believe you eat there, even under desperate circumstances! I haven't eaten there in years, even before they revamped their menu to offer the potato gratin and more meal-like dishes. A friend of mine remarked recently that now that Delifrance insists on providing table service instead of the old counter service, it's ironically even more obvious how poor their service is.