Friday, November 11, 2005

Dharma's Kebabs, Boat Quay

Lamb Kebab

After a number of post-work beers tonight, my brain started to get fixated on filling my belly with those great doner kebabs from Berlin. But, to my dismay, there aren't many kebab shops in Singapore (I'm talking about those cheap-late-nite-kebabs on that vertical rotating spit contraption, mind you, not proper kebabs). One of the few exceptions is Dharma's (40 Boat Quay, 6236-0980).

Dharma's KebabsNow, this isn't exactly like those hugely stuffed kebabs from Europe, but it's the best late-night kebab joint that I've found in Singapore so far. It's edible (I get the lamb kebab for S$12, or US$7), and there is plenty of yogurt and chili sauce on the side that you can dump on top of it if you'd like. They also have some interesting fries with a crispy coating, along with a respectable mint chutney and curry sauce. The portions are smaller than I would hope for, but beggars can't be choosers here. At the end of the day, it's one of the only late-night kebab shops around on the island (they are open until 4 AM on weekends), and it's conveniently located right next to all the pubs on Boat Quay, so let's make do with what we've got.


Anonymous said...

I tried it today. Well, its located inside BQ bar now. I had the dharma's chicken kebab & a glass of Heineken(tap) and it costs me $S29. Well, the kebab is nice and its quite filling (partly because i am not hungry).

Anonymous said...

Hhaha you think that cheap...go to holland if you have the time, you can find them 24/7 kebab places selling them for 3 singdollar! And nice quality too! Of course there is always a place that is cheaper or tasty'r..but i just had to say it!