Thursday, July 13, 2017

Miami's Yardbird at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Blue Plate Special

Miami's Yardbird Southern Table & Bar has finally opened its shop in Singapore (10 Bayfront Avenue #B1-07, 6688-9959), albeit under the shortened name "The Bird" given that Hong Kong's Yardbird is coming to town soon too. Anyway, I grabbed their lunch plate above, the first bite of which was pretty good given the minimal batter and good amount of crispy skin and fat to go with it.

But then I got to the breast meat, which was a huge turnoff. Now, don't get me wrong: I'm the kind of guy that specifically requests breast meat when I go to a local chicken rice shop. And this one here was very juicy. But it was also so ridiculously large that most bites lacked any skin or fat attached to it, making it so boring that I had to keep dipping it into that hot sauce to make it edible. Seriously, they need to offer a dark meat option.

That said, I will come back, but more to try the shrimp and grits and wedge salad, not to mention that wonderful-looking list of booze. For fried chicken, I'll only eat the dark meat...or perhaps better, I'll just go to Rang Mang Shokudo instead. That place still has the best fried chicken around here.

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