Friday, July 28, 2017

Hong Kong Airport's EAST to WEST Food Market

Beef Strips Rice Sheet Roll

Hong Kong Airport has re-done its food options out near gates 40-80, and the signage even features Michelin logos on some of the stalls. Some of those markings are a bit dubious though (Baikohken, really?), while some of them are clearly in reference to the chef rather than the restaurant. For instance, that plate above is from Alvin Leung, but not under the Bo Innovation name, but instead Street Food MIC Kitchen. It was fine, even if oddly unbalanced with the beef being much saltier than the rice sheets underneath it.

Wonton Mee

Another stall that I tried was Chee Kei. From what I could tell, it wasn't a Bib Gourmand nor star, but instead just a listing in the guide sometime ago. Anyway, I liked the strong shrimp aroma of the broth, as well as the firm skinny noodles. The wontons were good too, even if a bit pepper-heavy. Normally I like pepper, but in this case it overtook the taste of the shrimp. In that sense, I still prefer Mak's instead, but I'll be happy to come back here to try their porridge as well as dry noodle with shrimp roe.

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