Friday, July 28, 2017

Japan's Ichiran Ramen for Breakfast in Hong Kong


Despite many ongoing trips to Japan, I've never actually never been to an outlet of Ichiran Ramen. And that's considering that they're open 24 hours too! Well, there was one right next to me this morning in Hong Kong, so I figured that I'd go there for breakfast...and I wasn't the only one crazy enough to get ramen in the morning, as there were actually quite a few tables occupied (they closed of the section with those cool isolated booths, unfortunately).

It's too bad then that the ramen was disappointingly gross. The broth was too swine-y and sweet, the noodles were too flour-y, and the pork was too lean and lacking in taste. The "Original Red Sauce" was more sweet than it was spicy, thus further annoying me. I don't really want to come back for this, but if I do, then I need to remember to crank up all of the salty, oily, garlic, onion, and chili options so that I can cover up the taste of everything else.

And yes, that's green beer in the background. No, it's not Saint Patrick's Day, but rather matcha beer. It was basically just like how you'd imagine matcha powder mixed with beer would taste like.

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financefoodie said...

Quite sad that your first ichiran experience didn't work out for u.. i had it weekly when i was in Tokyo. The HK one (at TST, near to Sheraton) was totally gross somehow to me. Maybe the water hardness was not right, maybe the pork was not freshly cooked?

Give it another try when ure in Tokyo, try the one at Ueno.