Thursday, July 27, 2017

Neighborhood in Central, Hong Kong

White baits pil pil baby eel style

This place showed up on the Eater 38 Essential list (Man Hing Lane, 2617-0891), as the chef is an ex-French Laundry guy whose menu changes weekly depending on what he finds at the local wet markets. Yes, the food was done with care, seasoned nicely, and even a bit playful too, as seen in that whitebait above, done up to be like Spanish gulas. A beef tripe gratin that I had was also good enough to mop up with bread. Having said that though, none of it was so punchy that I'm going to yearn to come back either. It kinda reminded me of Morsels in Little India back home: cooking that treated ingredients with respect, and yet not so unique that I was blown away.

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