Monday, May 08, 2017

The Brooklyn Seafood, Steak & Oyster House in Seattle

Oyster Sampler and Caesar Salad

I must have walked by here at least five times when I was staffed at a client site in Seattle many years ago (1212 2nd Avenue, 206-224-7000). I might have even eaten here once, but I honestly can't remember. Either way, this place was just a few blocks away from my hotel today, and I needed lunch after getting off the plane. I'm on the last day of my no-carb diet, so I went for a sampler platter of local oysters and a Caesar salad. The plate as a whole had a good mix of briny and sweet ones, with a couple of them in particular being pretty good. But it wasn't cheap, and there wasn't anything so special that I'd come running back, even if the wood panel decor is something that I would normally be drawn to.

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