Sunday, June 05, 2016

Sea Farmers @ Ubin at the Market Hop, Singapore

Clockwise from top: Sweetheart Pacific Oysters and Rock Star Native Oysters

In all of the years that I've been living in Singapore, I never even knew (nor would have thought) that there was such a thing as local oysters in these warm equatorial waters. But at this weekend's Market Hop festival, there was a stall called Sea Farmers @ Ubin selling exactly that.

They said that they got "sweetheart Pacific" baby spat oysters from Australia and raised them on an old fish farm off Pulau Ubin. Today they also had some "rock star native" oysters too (the slightly larger ones on the right). Yes, they were all very fresh, but weren't as tasty as ones that I'm used to from colder climates.

If I read it correctly, the main reason for this is because oysters spawn in warmer waters, and thus aren't able to build up enough flavor in their flesh as a result. Well, it was still very cool to find these. Apparently these guys distribute to some restaurants around town too.

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