Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Poongchunga in Sujeong-gu, South Korea


Last time we were out in this neighborhood, our local team mentioned that there was a good eel place across the street. I'd never had eel Korean-style before, and thus we came here for a team dinner tonight (173-1 Sangjeok-dong, +82-31-721-6252).

It was good. Unlike sweet Japanese unagi, this one was grilled straight with a bit of salt and of course the usual complement of ssam wraps and banchan. I was delighted to find some raw garlic as well as some shredded ginger to offset the crispy bubbling fat and crispy skin. They even left the spine for you to grill into a crunchy treat.

Perhaps even more interesting was some kind of aphrodisiac soup featuring ground up bits of eel that not only made the texture gritty, but also gave it a nice deep flavor. I was very happy, especially since it sure beats the usual beef and pork. Their fermented raspberry alcohol was an interesting twist too.

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