Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Yetgoltosung in Seocho-gu, Seoul

Duck BBQ

Given all of the beef, pork, and seafood that one usually gets with Korean food, I'd never thought that duck was featured very much. And yet at this very cool outdoor place (+82 2-578-0808, just across the street from Cheong-Gyesan Jang in Sujeong-gu) that's precisely what they served.

To be sure, the duck actually gets roasted twice. First it's on a rotisserie before being sliced, and then after that you grill it tableside. Naturally, the best parts were the cuts with lots of juicy tasty skin and fat. The meat itself could get a little dry, but a dunk in the dark spicy sauce and maybe a wrap in some pickled radish helped that.

Perhaps more interesting is some kind of beef blood cake soup that they had here. Contrary to how it sounded, it hardly tasted like blood, but instead had a very impressively deep-tasting broth that made the greens inside the bowl taste wonderful. Thumbs up. Hopefully next time we can try the eel place across the street.

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