Thursday, October 06, 2016

Naju Gomtang House in Seoul, Korea


After my local teammates heard about how much I love gomtang, they figured what better choice for lunch than to stop by a nearby outlet of Naju, a large chain specializing in it.

It wasn't as good as Hadongkwan though, particularly in that the broth just didn't have the same depth. There was no giant bowl of leeks on the table for you to garnish it with, and interestingly, there were glass noodles and some Chinese herbs inside (and you had to add your own rice).

Well, the one thing that I like better about this place is that they serve it in clay pots, thus keeping it warmer than those metal bowls at Hadongkwan, where the broth cools too quickly. But I'd still much rather go to Hadongkwan.

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