Wednesday, March 23, 2016

PorkHocks Restaurant (Grassland Globe Fish) in Gangnam-gu

Korean Pork Hock

I didn't know that that pork knuckle was a classic Korean dish until our local team took me here for dinner tonight. They ordered two varieties, including the plain one here as well as a spicy one, both of which which accompanied by banchan (including oysters) and leafy greens (including shiso) to make little ssam wraps. I believe this dish is called jokbal?

The other interesting thing is that this shop connects to another one that specializes in fugu (and hence, that weird name above; I can't read the address but the phone number is 02-564-5077). We had a deep fried version, which wasn't as tasteless as I recall fugu being. Apparently a soup and sashimi version is also common, but we didn't order those. Either way, that was an interesting shop to go to.

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