Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Kkotji in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Ganjang Gejang

When the local team asked if we should have barbecue for dinner tonight, I suggested seafood instead, especially since I've been eating meat for the past two nights in a row. So we came here (160 Bongeusnsa-ro, 02-561-8788), a place that was known for that "soy sauce crab" (or ganjang gejang, if I understood it correctly) above.

Basically, it's raw crab marinated in soy sauce and aged three days for extra flavor. And it was indeed delicious, including not just the beautiful roe, but the gooey meat that you sucked out of the shell. Best part: put some rice in the carapace, mix up all of the crab butter with it, and then roll it up in some dried seaweed. Awesome.

That wasn't the only thing we got of course. There was a chili-marinated version of that crab too, as well as some spicy oysters that came as part of the banchan. We also had a jeongol where the leftover broth was also mixed in with rice and seaweed to make a Korean paella of sorts. I left here stuffed.

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