Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hanam Pig House in Seoul, Korea


There seem to be a ton of restaurants in the alleyways near my hotel. I walked by a lot of them tonight before finally settling on an outlet of these guys, which looked not only fun but delicious with some kind of grilled pork wrapped in a leaf. I wasn't sure what it was, but there was one way to find out.

Fortunately, the dude who seated me spoke English (and in fact, spent some time growing up in San Jose near Santana Row!). He explained to me that this was a chain known for its pork. He suggested that I get the pork belly, along with some kind of soup called doenjang jjigae. He couldn't explain what it was, but insisted that I had to get it.

It turned out to basically be a Korean version of miso soup. And yes, the pork - which was cooked on one of those slanted grills - was good, and came with a barrage of things to wrap it up in, including some kind of sweet pickled green leaf. I actually liked the pork better on its own as you could taste it much more that way, but I still gobbled everything up quickly. Yum.

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