Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Yakiniku-Oh Goen on Telok Ayer Street

Yakiniku Rice Bowl

Washoku Goen is a big chain of food court stalls around the island that I've never liked. But they opened up a new low-cost yakiniku place not long ago (122 Telok Ayer Streeet, 6336-3366), and I figured that I'd try it given how expensive yakiniku usually is.

Well, you get what you pay for: this was terrible! The meat was thick, tough, and stringy, and didn't have any of that wonderful char-grilled fragrance (they cooked it for you in the back). To make things worse, the rice underneath it was totally mushy. Yuck.

Well, maybe I can try coming back for dinner since they seem to offer better cuts at that time, as well as let you cook it yourself. But for lunch, I should've just gone to Heijoen instead.

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