Monday, October 10, 2016

Tokyo Yakiniku Heijoen at Japan Food Town, Singapore

Yakiniku Lunch Set

The last remaining vendor at Japan food town has finally opened. The problem though, is that their dinner prices are very high: triple-digit figures that I can't afford. So I fell back on one of my old tricks, which is try to come at lunch time. I went for cheapest thing on the menu, the simply named "Yakiniku Lunch Set" above for a mere S$17.90 (US$13).

Of course at that kind of a price, you really don't get too much meat, as you can see in that photo above. But that didn't matter, as it was still delicious, especially with all that fat into weaved into it. The tare sauce was a bit on the sweet side, but in a good way since it really complemented the fat. Yes, I was extremely happy with this, and I'll easily come back here again.

So what is my final verdict after having tried every shop at Japan Food Town now? This is the best Japanese food enclave in Singapore given the quality of ingredients used at nearly every shop here. I won't go back to the sushi and tendon shops, but I'll happily eat at any of the other ones.

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