Monday, August 08, 2016

Sushi Murasaki at Nihon Food Street, Singapore


So many high-end sushi places have opened up in Singapore that I've lost count, especially since they're just too expensive. But there's always that old trick of going at lunch time when it's more affordable. So I came to this place at Millennia Walk's Nihon Food Street today (9 Raffles Boulevard #02-08, 6341-9668).

Actually, my original intention was to get a gyudon that I heard was supposed to be pretty good. But upon stepping inside and realizing that it was a high-end sushi shop, I figured what a shame it would be if I didn't order any raw fish.

So instead I got this kaisendon which featured quality ingredients and a touch of sophistication, as seen in some delicately marinated apple-based tsukemono, if I tasted it correctly. Yes, I was impressed. And by the way, *this* is how you do a proper kaisendon, not that crudely cut marinated stuff that Teppei does.

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