Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dawan Yakiniku in Taipei, Taiwan

Da Wan

This yakiniku place was recommended to me ages ago (22 Dunhua South Road Lane 177 Section 1, 2711-0179). I tried to come here last time, but got turned away because I didn't make a reservation and they couldn't take a walk-in. So this time around I made sure to reserve at least a week in advance.

What is the deal here? Well, it's counter seating along with a dedicated person cooking your food for you over hot coals, complete with cow diagrams on the servers' black T-shirts so that they could explain what you're eating at that moment. Apparently these guys even inspired a shop on Club Street back in Singapore.

I worried that localization might end up overdressing the food, but fortunately it was kept to a minimum, and in some cases it was underseasoned to the point where I had to ask for a bit of salt just to bring out a little more flavor. Well, it was proper quality (Aussie) beef, but my favorite part of the meal was the local pork from Taiwan instead, as it was juicy and tasty with just the right amount of fat.

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