Saturday, December 10, 2016

Japan's Numazu Uogashizushi in Singapore


I still needed a little more food after that soba, so I hopped on over to that sushi shop here at 100 AM's new PARCO Itadakumasu in Tanjong Pagar (100 Tras Street #03-K1). At first glance, this shop looked like it might be similar to Tomi Sushi or some other mid-range sushi place. I'm a cheap bastard though, so I got the cheapest set lunch there was, which was this bowl at S$18 (US$12.60).

I didn't like it. Both the rice and fish were several degrees colder than I was expecting. It's almost as if they had pulled it out of the refrigerated section of a supermarket, even though I saw them make it to order in front my eyes. For the same price, I'd much rather go down the street to Ryo to grab one of their lunch specials instead. Still, they did seem to have some respectable (if pricey) specials available, so maybe I'll try those next time.

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