Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ryo Sushi 24 Hr Diner in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore


Not to be confused with Ryu's Japanese at Capitol Piazza, Ryo is a new sushi shop (1 Tras Link #01-06, 6443-3463) that has opened up right next to Sakari at the Orchid Hotel. Despite the name, they aren't open 24 hours yet. Nonetheless, the 24 hour moniker had me wondering: would it be a trashy place that one would go to after a night of heavy drinking, or was it more like getting sushi for breakfast at Tsukiji?

It turned out to be more of a proper sushi place than I thought it would be, with only eight counter seats available and the chef attentively watching your pace before making the next of your individual pieces. There were higher-end omakase sets on the menu, but fortunately, I was able to grab a limited availability lunch set at just S$18 (US$13), and I enjoyed the freshness and seasoning of it all. It reminded me a bit of Fresh Station in Taipei, actually.

Yes, thumbs up. It was hardly what I had expected given the (future) operating hours and white tile decor. And I'll happily come back if they can really keep prices down. Even for their more expensive normal sets, they were still less than S$100 (US$73), thus being much cheaper than places like Mitsuya. I can't help but wonder how Sakari next door is going to put up with the competition.

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