Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant at Capitol Piazza


I've been wanting to come to this shop for a while now (15 Stamford Road #01-87, 6384-9087), in large part because they apparently featured a chef who worked at some famous tempura place from Japan. Best of all, they had a lunchtime udon set for only S$15 (US$11). That sounded like a steal!

I was thus rather disappointed to find then that the batter was soft and chewy, not the light and airy perfection that I was expecting. Indeed, I never would've thought that this had some prestigious lineage if no one had told me. Well, at least the ingredients were of decent quality and still not a bad deal for such a low price.

The other thing that this place is known for is a bara chirashi in a triple drawer wooden box called okamochi. But it seemed a bit gimmicky and even impractical, as the fish and rice were spread thinly across the trays, which seems like it would make it very difficult to eat compared to a bowl.

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