Saturday, July 16, 2016

STREAT 2016 at Clifford Square in Singapore

STREAT 2016 at Clifford Square in Singapore

The Singapore Food Festival is a bit odd. It's not at a single venue over a weekend like SAVOUR. It seems to be a collection of things over a number of weeks. But one of those things is this STREAT event yesterday and today, featuring not only a high-end pop-up restaurant, but also a collection of booths for one to freely walk up to.

Braised Veal Cheeks with Asian Spice, Fried Mantou

At least, that was the theory. The problem was the Clifford Pier venue, which had a nice view of the marina, but was just way too cramped to line up and walk around in. There was one stall that I really wanted to try, but gave up because the line just wasn't moving. Instead, I went to places like the Disgruntled Chef, who was serving this tender braised veal cheek with fried mantou.

Curry Spiced Cauliflower, Walnuts, Cheddar

Examples of other vendors there included Wanton Seng's, Char, and Casuarina Curry, among others. There were some local cocktail bars, as well as a Eurasian place called Mary's Kafe serving Devil's Curry. My favorite of the bunch was this cauliflower from Restaurant Ember. I didn't mind a kueh dardar waffle from Stellar at 1-Altitude's pastry chef Jasmin Chew either. But I'm not going to make a huge effort to come back next year; it's not really worth the prices nor hassle of weaving through that crowd.

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