Monday, December 25, 2006

Kristang Devil's Curry for Christmas

Devil's Curry

Here was another new experience for me: Devil's Curry, a dish from the local Kristang community that is generally of mixed Portuguese and Asian descent. What makes it even more novel is that apparently this dish can't really be obtained at restaurants; instead, it is often served by families on special occasions like Christmas. In contrast with most Indian curries, this is a bit on the sour side. The one I had today in particular had some little sausages and grain mustard in it too. It is supposed to be very spicy, although I've had some vindaloo that would beat this on the heat meter (hey - vindaloo is technically influenced by the Portuguese too, isn't it?).

Anyway, it was definitely interesting to be able to try this dish from such a unique ethnic group...apparently the Kristangs are really only from Singapore and Malacca, a former Portuguese settlement north of here in Malaysia. We also had some Eurasian smore...not to be mistaken with campfire chocolate s'mores, this was a dark beef stew of sorts. I liked the Devil's Curry better, but that's just because it had more of an edge to it.

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