Saturday, May 14, 2016

SAVOUR Gourmet 2016 in Singapore

Gamebero Rosso

The SAVOUR guys seem to have taken a different route to their festival this year, keeping the overseas restaurants at a separate event in November instead. This weekend's event, on the other hand, featured local restaurants. That suited me just fine given how many upscale restaurants have proliferated around here; I have neither the time nor the money to go to them for a proper meal, so getting cheap tasting portions at a single festival was right up my alley.

I've already had food from Gattopardo, Salt, and Artichoke, so I skipped right past those. The first thing I thus tried instead was those prawns from Buona Terra above. They were tender (never would've thought that they were oven baked) and sat in a delicious shellfish sauce, but the presence of raisins and almonds in there annoyed me. Sure, they complemented the taste and texture, but almost every other stall that I went to (including the cod from CATO and the pork from Bar-A-Thym) also featured some kind of nut and/or fruit to the point where it got really clich├ęd.

Having said that though, the pork from Bar-A-Thym was amazingly tender, to the point where it was probably my favorite dish of the day despite the presence of nuts. I was also very happy with the egg confit from ION Orchard's Saveur Art, even if it too featured nuts. Perhaps the only thing that I got that didn't have fruit or nuts was the Siew Yoke Umami Rice from Esplanade Mall's Labrynth; they provided their crunchiness through what seemed to be a toasted quinoa instead.

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