Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Salt Tapas & Bar, Singapore

Moroccan Tartare

I've only been to Salt at the top of ION Orchard once, and that was for a corporate sponsored event. But I liked that signature crab omelette enough that I figured that it'd eventually be worth trying his new tapas bar down at Raffles City Shopping Centre (252 North Bridge Road #01-22A, 6837-0995). Tonight, I finished a meeting next door at the SwissĂ´tel Stamford, so I made a stop here for a quick snack before heading home.

Similar to my experience at Esquina the other day though, this place wasn't that traditional; I suppose that it was more of an extension of his Australian restaurants instead. At least I liked the Moroccan tartare above (think: raisins and cumin), as well as the bone marrow and duck rillettes, all of which were decent quality. But it was yet another huge wad of money out the door again, so much that this may be my first and only time there.

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