Sunday, February 07, 2016

Cold Crab for Chinese New Year

Cold Crab

I'm not sure what species this was, but these little things were loaded up with tons of deliciously rich head fat inside: almost like a cross between egg yolk and foie gras. If I heard it correctly, it has nothing to do with whether it's a male or female crab, but something about it being close to molting?

Anyway, I was delighted with these things, happily pairing some of that buttery tomalley with the sweet meat. Seriously, there was no point at all at having sauce to go along with these things, lest it cover up that wonderful natural taste. Mmm...I could have eaten these things all afternoon.

I need to figure out what these are though. They're definitely not local flower crab nor Shanghai hairy crab. They were shaped like Sri Lankan mud crabs, but were much smaller (even smaller than a Chesapeake Bay blue crab) and with much thinner shells. Maybe they were just very young?

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