Wednesday, November 11, 2015

McDonald's Create Your Taste Burgers

Create Your Taste

It's hard to believe that that thing came from McDonald's, yeah? Well, this build-your-own-burger program started earlier this year at selected outlets, and the Raffles City outlet has now been refitted with the touchscreen kiosks to handle these things. It wasn't just the standard McDonald's ingredients either: choose from guacamole, pepper jack cheese, rucola...the list goes on.

I loaded mine up with double patties, as well as a grilled egg, jalapenos, caramelized onions, and other goodies, which they served to you at your table on these wooden planks. I gobbled mine up with ease. To be sure, the beef was rather tasteless (a pet peeve of mine), and I even felt a bit sick afterwards from this sodium and cholesterol bomb. But I will come back, perhaps going protein-style next time.

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Julia said...

I've had a couple of them here in Australia, but I had to wait for a chicken option to be introduced as I just can't stomach McDonald's beef. Gotta say they were pretty good and fun to build (and the grilled chicken they use is really nice), but expensive.