Saturday, January 24, 2009

In-N-Out Double-Double Protein Style

Double-Double Protein Style

Where is the bun in this In-N-Out burger, you might ask? I got mine "protein style," which meant that the bun got replaced by lettuce. You can't see it, but inside all of those greens were two patties, cheese, and grilled onions. It more or less still tasted the same, although this version worked better for me since I love the freshness of lettuce but am not a huge fan of bread.


Kathy said...

Ok now you gotta go IHOP! Thanks for the tip about the bun free in and out!

Anonymous said...

i know you hate chain stores, but if you are in the RDU area, at RTP try eating at the local py chang(30 min wait). The wraps are great. worth the wait, and you get to mix your own sauce. service and food was great and 4 for about $ tip for the wraps, plus four mains. no alcohol in our group, but they have a rather extensive wine list and bar should you be so inclined. it is at a mall called south park. worth the trouble if you have the time.(anyting shrmip or chicken was good, don't get the lamb, and the beef was rather tough.) After benefititing from your site, I hope this is of some small service.

Allie said...

Oh, man. When'd they start doing that? God I miss In'N'Out.

Aquaria said...

Ugh. Never did care much for In n Out. Somehow, they seemed a little bland after Whataburger in TX. Sort of like the difference between the Mexican food, too. Of course, Whataburger hasn't tried this lettuce wrap stuff. Yet. But I have a feeling they'd do it for you, if you ask. After all, they have something like 38,000 ways to make a burger. That might be one of them.

I've tried hamburgers all over America, and the best is Chris Madrid's in San Antonio.

Dang it. now I want one and it won't open for 8 hours!