Sunday, November 01, 2015

JB's Ah Koong at Palette in Singapore

Dry Fishball Noodle

A fancy food court called Palette has opened at the new Capitol Piazza (13 Stamford Road #B1-20), complete with iPad-driven menus and food that is delivered to your table. They had a number of stalls to choose from, including some familiar names like Huat Huat and Ah Yat. But I went for Ah Koong, at it was some old stall from Johor.

They were supposed to have some good fishballs, which were springy, and much better than those rubbery ones from Nara Thai earlier today. But the noodles weren't spicy nor sour enough, thus not making this thing stand out, even if was still decent enough to finish. The prices here were also nearly twice what one would normally pay at a hawker center, even if it was nicely decorated. If I come back, it will be for Delhi 6 instead.

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