Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Li Family Milkfish Shop on Ningxia Road

Fried Milkfish

As we got ready to leave the beef noodle shop, a suggestion was made to walk over to Ningxia Road, where a very old night market sat. We cruised through the stalls but eventually stopped at one of the restaurants along the side (60 Ningxia Road, 02-2559-6604) because this place specialized in some kind of a small bony fish from Tainan that I apparently had to try.

Oh man, this was the highlight of the evening. They fried this perfectly, making the skin crispy and salty, going great with those thick strips of belly fat in the middle. And fortunately, they filleted the thing ahead of time, as the bones in this fish were so tiny that it would have been a real pain to pluck everything out oneself. That was certainly one of the more unique things that I have eaten.

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