Friday, June 05, 2015

Tonghua Street Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan


I had no idea what this cart was selling when I first walked by. It looked like just a bunch of random (and rather unattractive) odds and ends that one picked out and had deep fried. But after watching a few people getting chicken with basil in it, it dawned on me that it was yansuji. I added some squid tentacles and French beans, and all into a few greasy bags it went. Yum. I love all of that five-spice powder and pepper.

Teppanyaki Couple

Then I saw another cart next to him where a dude was cooking away at a griddle. It eventually became clear to me that he was doing Taiwanese teppanyaki. I got a lamb and veggie combo and down the hatch it went. Fortunately, he didn't overload it with too much garlic like Heniu does. But I was also sweating to death by sitting at a stool right in front of the grill. Next time I should just sit at one of the tables on the side.

Taiwanese Teppanyaki

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