Monday, June 01, 2015

Taiwan Yi Pin Ramen and Sliced Noodle in Taipei

Tomato Beef Knife Cut Noodle

There were a few places that I wanted to go to for dinner tonight, but many of them all closed by 9 PM. Desperate, I walked down the street and randomly stopped at this place, in part because of a sign that said that CNN called them one of Taipei's best beef noodle shops. Of course, that could mean anything, but I needed food and in a hurry (10-6 Yongkang Street, +886-2-2321-1562).

No, I didn't like it at first, as the broth was surprisingly light and tomato-ey. But then I took a bite of the beef and the bowl took a turn for the better. The fat on those those cuts of meat was delicious, making me want even more of it. The knife-cut noodles were thick and chewy, making it fun to eat, if slightly annoying at the same time. And eventually, the broth started to taste better too.

Only later did I realize that I had my dish was explicitly tomato-based (I didn't know at first; I just ordered the first item at the top of the menu, figuring that it was their signature dish). Well, Chingzhen is still my favorite place for beef noodles here. But if I come back, I might go for the standard noodles instead, and perhaps see if the millions of other items on their menu are worth a try.

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