Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Regent Championship Beef Noodle Soup

Regent Championship Beef Noodle Soup

No, this wasn't meant to be a beef noodle soup day. But I special ordered a salad for the return flight home, and I knew that a bunch of rabbit food wasn't going to keep me full. So I had to get some food at the airport before getting onto the plane.

And yet, I knew that the airside selection of food vendors at Taipei Taoyuan airport was pretty nasty, so I tried to find something landside before clearing security. Many of the vendors didn't look great either (interestingly, there was a TKK Chicken outlet here), and so I ended up at a beef noodle shop from the Regent Hotel that seemed to boast of some awards or something. Apparently a clear broth was one of their specialties, and so that's what I ordered.

Yeah, I guess I liked the clear broth, and it was interesting to eat the small cuts of beef with fresh slices of ginger. But I didn't care too much for those noodles, and basically just left it uneaten. I'll probably come back to try the red one next time though...not because I suspect it will be any better than Chingzhen from lunch today, but simply because it seems to be the best choice out of anything else in Terminal 2, especially if I pre-order that salad again.

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