Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Chingzhen Chungguo Niurou Guan in Taipei

Beef Noodle

Last time I was in Taipei, my colleagues were so nice as to bring a takeout bowl of this place's noodles back to the office for me because I was stuck on a conference call. And I liked it so much that I suggested that maybe we go to the real shop today to try it out (1 Yenchi Street, Alley 7, Lane 137, 2721-4771). I'm really glad that we did: this place was awesome!

The bowl of noodles was just as good and spicy as I had remembered it, but what was even more impressive was all of the other various things that we got, including a deliciously savory clear version of the broth, as well as the fact that one can get a vermicelli option in the bowls too (gotta remember to get that next time!). There was also a dude in front making some kind of flat bread on a griddle...when it came out to us, it looked like a tortilla or naan, but it was dusted with a bit of seasoning, and it got filled with a mu shu pork-like stuffing. Those fat dumplings were fantastic too.

This place has skyrocketed to become my favorite beef noodle place in Taipei now. Yes, it was much better than the Sheraton's, even if the latter's beef was more tender. Interestingly, this place is very old school, having been around since 1957, and I believe that it is halal too given that it is a Chinese Muslim restaurant. Yum. I'm definitely coming back.

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Anonymous said...

great stuff! thanks for pointing me into the right direction, I went their yesterday with a colleague and even she though it was awesome and that the dumplings and pancakes reminded her of her childhood.