Monday, June 22, 2015

Keisuke's Sake Bar Takeda Shoten, Tanjong Pagar

Nama Atsuage Yaki

Whoa, today must be celebrity chef day or something. I randomly walked toward the Orchid Hotel tonight to check out a new sake bar that I spotted from a distance the other day (1 Tras Link #01-08) when none other than Keisuke Takeda-san himself was sitting out front. Yep, he has opened a new sake bar just a few doors down from his gyoza bar and ramen shop, and strangely, it's only open after 1 PM. I went in to see if it were any good.

They had food menus, but it really was a bar at the end of the day, with the food being just little snacks to go with your drinks, like the nama atsuage yaki above, or some steamed clams that I got along with it. Actually, they specialized in oden, of which I got a few too. And interestingly, you could order gyoza from the other shop, but not ramen. Well, if I heard them correctly, he's opening a tendon shop across the street in two weeks too.

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