Friday, November 15, 2013

Ramen Keisuke's Gyoza King in Singapore

Keisuke Gyoza

Whoa - Keisuke opened yet another outlet in Singapore earlier this week. And perhaps on a more refreshing note, this one doesn't serve ramen, but rather its often overlooked sidekick, gyoza. (Keisuke-san himself was still in town, BTW, as I saw him a couple of times walking around the Amara Hotel.) This area really is getting filled with Japanese places, eh? Apparently Ikkousha is planning to open an outlet at Kiseki's old spot across the street soon too.

Anyway, this one was at the Orchid Hotel (1 Tras Link #01-15, 6604-6674), sandwiched between Sanji and Sushi Kou. I can't help but wonder if he got his inspiration for this place based upon the huge lines that always form at lunchtime in front of Teppei. This gyoza shop, while not serving tempura nor omakase like Teppei does, nonetheless was counter-only seating fueled by koshihikari rice...except that they carefully measured the amount of rice you got by weight, as opposed to the endless bowls that you could ask for at Teppei.

And yes, I liked the food. The gyoza was not filled with broth like I was led to believe (the menu said something about the filling being mixed with stock, leading me to incorrectly think of the frozen soup that Din Tai Fung puts in its xiao long bao), but nonetheless it was moist and went down with all of the other many dishes and communal veggies that one could get. Now, I won't get cravings for this either, but at least I didn't have to wait in line like one does at Teppei.

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