Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sushi Kou at the Orchid Hotel, Singapore

Special Kaisen Don

When I saw the construction signs going up for this place, I was eager to see what it was going to be like (1 Tras Link #01-16, 6444-8433). But when they finally opened, I saw these gigantic glossy menus with pretty color photographs of everything, which only served to remind me of Sushi Tei. I quickly dismissed the idea of ever coming here.

And yet we still came here tonight, in part due to the sticker shock that I got when I looked at some of the more upscale sushi places that have opened up around town lately. Places like Hashida, Mitsuya, Shinji, and Ichi all start at at least S$200 (US$150) per person, if not more! That's when I started to think of cheaper alternatives, and ironically, this place came to mind.

The good thing was that at S$25 (US$20) for that bowl above, it wasn't a bad deal. The fish was fresh and plentiful, and it ultimately did the job. But we didn't care that much for the rice, and wished that they had grated fresh wasabi instead. I'm sure that those four high-end shops above would have done much better, but those prices are just downright robbery!

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