Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Meals While Transiting at Narita

Hiya Sansai Soba

Seeing how I didn't get my meal before arrival earlier either, I immediately went to the airport food court to try to hunt down some food, this time deciding on Oedo Soba from Chiyoda in Tokyo. And this was a cold sansai soba, which tasted like, well, sansai soba that was chilled. It did the job, but I think the only thing that got me even the slightest bit excited about this entire plate was the coarsely ground wasabi on the side.

Wild Bluefin Tuna Set

Feeling unsatisfied, so I went back to Kyotatsu to top up with a quick plate of sushi, this time opting for the more expensive wild bluefin tuna plate. I figured that a pricier version would have some fattier cuts, but this stuff was surprisingly lean; had I known, I would have just gone for the cheaper one that I got last time. Wait a minute, isn't bluefin tuna endangered?

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