Sunday, June 23, 2013

ANA's 787 Dreamliner to San Jose

The Moon

Man, coming into SJC was sooooo much nicer than SFO. First off, this was a relatively small plane so there were very few people, and unlike giant hub SFO, our flight was the only one from overseas at the time. So even though they didn't have Global Entry kiosks setup at SJC yet, it wasn't needed. I breezed right through immigration and was on the street in a jiffy. This new SJC flight rocks.

The Japanese Meal

Food-wise, I tended to stick to the Japanese selections, which unfortunately were kaiseki courses, and hence nothing that got me too excited (and surprisingly, the in-flight Ippudo was a bit of a bore too, tasting like instant noodles). But this plane was very interesting - not just the electronic window shades, but also the way ANA did things, like the Japanese bidet and automatically closing toilet seat cover, as well as the staggered business class seats that basically became little capsule hotels where you shoved your feet into the slot in front of you. Surprisingly though, there was no front-of-plane camera like most Japanese airlines seem to have.

Ebi Shio Ramen

And no, that was not the in-flight Ippudo above. When I was transiting in Narita earlier, I passed by Yoroku on the way to my connecting flight, so I figured that I'd grab a quick bowl just for the sake of trying it. This one seemed interesting with its deep-fried shrimp. It pretty much tasted like it looked; a crisp shio-based broth that wasn't anything to go nuts for, but nonetheless was interesting to try.

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