Friday, September 14, 2012

Local Burgers and Pizza at SJC


We needed a quick bite before getting on the plane in Terminal B today, so I stopped by Mojo Burger to see what the deal was with this local burger shop. Contrary to what Jules Winfield once said about breakfast, I wasn't in the mood for a full sized burger at 10:30 AM, so I figured that I'd get a taster in the form of that MiniMo kids burger above.

Unfortunately, it was only marginally better than a McDonald's hamburger, despite the hopes that maybe it would be like the Billy Goat Tavern. Granted, when I finally got to a piece of meat that wasn't overpowered by the mustard and pickles, I detected a decent smoky aroma that suggested that the full burger may be worth coming back for next time. But this MiniMo was unnecessary.

Cheese Pizza

As we moved on toward our gate, we saw Pizza My Heart, which was another local shop that I'd been meaning to try for some time. They did New York-style pizza by the slice, but the crust was so surprisingly crispy and airy that I immediately went back for seconds. Their so-called Shark Repellent habanero and cayenne pepper hot sauces made this even more fun to eat. This one I'll come back for.

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