Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sushi Kyotatsu at Narita Airport

Maguro Zukushi

Whenever I transit in Narita, I usually head straight for one of three venues: the United Club, the ANA Lounge, or that ANA FESTA food court. But I was always kinda curious about that sushi bar near the United gates that I always saw just before hopping onto my connecting flight. You know, the one with the sign that says "last chance to enjoy good sushi and good sake before you leave"? It sounded a bit touristy, but I gave it a try today, especially since time was too tight to head to the other places (Terminal 1 Satellite 3, 476-32-1777).

It turned out to be proper sushi, as seen with the progression of those maguro pieces from akami to chutoro to otoro above (and yes, the prices were high to match too). More importantly though, the service was surprisingly fast, with at least three or four chefs behind the counter for probably no more than 20-25 diners. The place was very small and cramped, so one can't expect to park all of one's luggage comfortably and sprawl out with a computer. But I was in and out of there in maybe just 15 minutes anyway. I wonder if their outlets in town are just as fast.

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