Monday, December 23, 2013

Japan Epilogue: A Newfound Respect for Oden


Oden is a thing that I'd seen at Japanese convenience stores in the past but always scratched my head at. I mean, it just didn't look very appealing, with a bunch of lifeless-looking cuts of random things sitting in a strange brownish liquid.

But with all of the cold wet rain over the past week in Japan, I finally understood what the appeal was. Being able to get a few cuts of piping hot daikon along with other things like tofu and clams at any street corner was a convenient way of warming up and recharging. The broth provided a comforting, soothing feeling before heading back outdoors, and the little packet of spicy karashi mustard helped to spike things when needed.

I probably should have ordered some back at Tonzen, as they apparently they specialize in the stuff. Next time I should also go to a convenience store other than Family Mart...or at least one that also provides packets of yuzukosho to go with it too.

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ClearTear said...

its very nice esp on a cold day, totally neglected comfort food.