Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Meal from Sandaime Bunji

Sendai Gyutan Steak M Size Set

Yep, I'm back here again. I was in the neighborhood this morning and needed a quick lunch before heading back to the office when I realized that I was within walking distance of these guys. And I was curious to see what the weekly special was this time, hoping that it might be better.

Unfortunately, the weekly special turned out to be the exact same thing! So I fell back on the normal menu instead, where I got this "M Size" set for considerably more money at S$26.70 (US$21.50), and that was excluding the serving of oden on the side too.

But the good thing is that I was actually full from this meal, and that gyutan was deliciously tender and tasty. I should have remembered to bring that 50% off coupon!

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