Saturday, February 23, 2013

La Luna Rossa, Scotts Square

Asparagi Bianchi

There seem to be a lot of Italian restaurants run by Japanese chefs in Singapore these days. I'm talking about both Japanese pasta places like Youmenya Goemon, as well as more traditional Italian places like Caffé B and Pizzeria L'Operetta. So when I read about this rather upscale-sounding place from Japan last year, I kept it on my radar screen, but figured that it probably wasn't distinctive enough to be worth the money nor the effort to go over there (6 Scotts Road #02-01, 6636-2951).

And yet, while passing by last week, we noticed that they had some reasonably priced two-course lunch sets for only S$25 (US$20). And even more interestingly, spaghetti mentaiko was one of the options available. I immediately earmarked this as a place to come back to the following week, and I'm glad that I did.

The food was delicious. The prosciutto-wrapped Spargel with scrambled eggs above went down the hatch in no time, and the sauce in my firmly-cooked spaghetti mentaiko was so good that I mopped it all up with bread afterwards, wishing that I could have more. I'm definitely coming back here again; I'd love to see what they can do with the bistecca alla Fiorentina that they were advertising outside.

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