Thursday, December 18, 2014

Red Crawfish in San Mateo, California


After a number of post-work drinks, we needed some food. We stumbled around to a few promising places in downtown San Mateo at first, but they all had long lines ahead of them. After a bit more fumbling around, we finally ended up here (401 East 3rd Avenue, 650-347-7888).

Vietnamese-Cajun wasn't exactly something that I would have expected to be good way up here in San Mateo, but this place was. I particularly enjoyed the salted scallions that they tossed their fried catfish with. And then there was of course the crawfish in a bag, which was pretty darned spicy for being one notch down from the spiciest version. Admittedly it was so spicy that this got a bit painful to eat in the end, although perhaps that was also all of the alcohol and caffeine in my belly giving me that heartburn.

Strangely, they didn't provide any lime-salt-pepper mix here, but there was some sweet headfat in these little bugs. And they provided steamed rice with which to scoop on the tons of butter that was still left in the bag. Yeah, I'd eat here again.

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JadedOne said...

Off topic and I feel like a complete idiot but it dawned on me that you probably eat really fantastic Asian food when you travel overseas so I should probably stop recommending that type of cuisine.

Instead, you should try one of my favorite BBQ places called Smoking Pig near Downtown San Jose / Japantown. I'm eager to see what you think of it. Their fatty brisket, collard greens & BBQ sauces are to die for.