Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Boiler Louisiana Seafood & Beer, Singapore

Prawns and Clams

The Viet-Cajun fad continues with yet another shop opening up in Singapore, this time out at an oddly industrial Novelty Bizcentre (18 Howard Road #01-06, 6635-1285). Apparently these guys were inspired by a trip to the Boiling Crab and wanted to bring it over here, so hopefully this meant that we finally had a shop on this side of the Pacific that got a little closer to that.

It was obvious when we got the bag though that it wasn't. Similar to the Cajun Kings, the sauce was thick from having too much garlic and not enough butter...and it wasn't very spicy either despite us ordering the hottest one. To be sure, it's not like the sauce was bad (good enough for me to still ladle onto a bowl of rice and shovel down). But this didn't have anywhere near the amount of oil oozing out of it like the Boiling Crab does, and hence the disappointment.

With all things said and done, this is still one of the better ones around here (certainly better than Dancing Crab, and on par at least with Crab in Da Bag). And despite the odd warehouse building, the restaurant itself looked rather nice. But there was no muối tiêu chanh lime dip to be found here, and I may still end up going to Full of Crab if I can't wait for my next trip home.

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