Monday, September 01, 2014

Mumbai's Gajalee at the Esplanade Mall

Fish Tikka, I believe

I'm not sure how that comes across in the photo above, but those things were fr*ckin' awesome. See, this chain from Mumbai (8 Raffles Avenue #01-13C, 6733-3278) specializes in seafood from the west coast of India, and every grilled fish item that we got here was deliciously tender and fragrant, going nicely with the spices. I seriously could have cleared plates of those fish alone and not eaten anything else.

Unfortunately, that was also because I wasn't huge on the other things that we got, particularly the prawns, which were surprisingly unfresh for a place that specializes in seafood. The clams koshimbir were delicate and tasty, but seemed like a lot of shells without actual clams inside. At least the briyani was fine, as were a couple of vegetarian options.

Well, I'm definitely coming back for the fish...and the fish alone. Oh, that, and the awesome pink solkadi drink, which despite being pinkish like bandung, was instead a thick garlicky thing reminiscent of Spanish gazpacho (dragon breath alert!). A warning on some of those prices that they charged for pomfret was surprisingly expensive, even if it was delicious.

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hugewhaleshark said...

Yup, the pomfret is awesome, and the lamb briyani is pretty good, as is the solkadi. I think you missed out on the tandoori crab though. It is great, and packs a punch!