Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Lobster Roll from Boston Seafood Shack

Boston Premium Lobstah Roll

I'm not sure what triggered this pricey lobster roll fad in Singapore recently, but these guys have been offering a much cheaper S$14 (US$11) one for some time now. And yet I've been avoiding it. It just looked too plasticky and commercialized, seemingly using the decor as a cover for selling everyday fish and chips rather than what you might actually find up in New England.

Witness this lobster roll, which lacked the butter that helps makes this dish stand out. Instead, this was more of a lobster/mayo salad sitting in a hot dog bun. The clam chowder here was worse: it had plenty of clams, but somehow didn't taste of them. It's only after looking it up now that I realized this place is run by the guys behind Fremantle, Shabuya/Tajimaya, Suki-ya, Sho Teppan, Bangkok Jam, and Patara. I haven't been a huge fan of any of them, and this place turned out to be no exception.

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Unknown said...

To be quite fair, the (inferior) mayo-bound lobster roll is just as common here in the northeast, perhaps dominant in lower-end establishments.